Remiks, Norway

Pallet sorting system

Scope of delivery:

Remiks is a supplier of waste services to both private households and companies. The company is responsible for handling recyclable packaging and is a knowledge and innovation center in the district of Tromsø.

Technologically, it was a requirement to improve ergonomics by automating the heavy lifting of pallets between 20-25 kilograms.

The mixed stacks of empty wooden and plastic pallets are loaded, fed and sorted for recycling to be reused in the food industry.  

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The manual sorting gave us a growing amount of challenges due to increased demands for efficiency, quality and ergonomics. In addition, it was difficult for the human eye to make quality checks on the pallets, and the inappropriate lifting of unmanageable and heavy pallets was a major burden for the employees.

The pallet sorting system has automated the process to such an extent that a single employee now ensures that the machine is maintained and heavy lifting is avoided. We have increased productivity by approximately 120 percent since implementation”.

- Roy Leding, Head of Department, Remiks, Tromsø


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