Netto's Distribution Center, Denmark

Layer Picker upgrade

The Danish supermarket chain, Netto, operates a fully automated and modern distribution centre in Køge, responsible for supplying goods to all the chain’s 454 supermarkets in Denmark.

Netto belongs to the top-level enterprises within logistics with an ongoing development of warehouse technology and logistic processes.

Scope of delivery:

In 2004, Riantics supplied 3 Layer Picker® Hoist with Stripper and Descrambler units.

In 2013 - after years of operating the facility 24/7, 6 days per week – Netto decided to invest in a complete upgrade of the Layer Picker® heads, Stripper and Descrambler units.

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”I am very satisfied with the Riantics upgrade. Especially, the new Descrambler has reduced the need for manual action during production. Besides an increased capacity, we experience a better continuity with fewer errors.” 

- Brian Sverke, Warehouse Manager, Netto’s distribution center in Køge, Denmark

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