Mascot International A/S, Denmark


Scope of delivery:

Four operators used to work the entire day unloading containers and then palletizing the goods afterwards.

The unloading of non-palletized goods from freight containers traditionally constitutes an ergonomic problem due to the physical strain and many heavy lifts. In order to solve this problem and to reduce the variable costs, Mascot International chose to invest in an Empticon® as well as the associated robot palletizing equipment supplied by Riantics.

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"Our cooperation with Riantics has resulted in a number of innovative solutions that fit well with our goal to keep optimizing our flow of goods. It was very exciting to participate in the pilot project and we have continued our cooperation on improving the Empticon, presently with a view to establishing automated goods receipt. Riantics' aftersales service is flexible and even minor tasks are solved instantly while more extensive tasks are done outside normal working hours to avoid interrupting our daily operation.”

- Claus Skeel Nielsen, Warehouse Manager, Mascot International A/S, Denmark

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