Hilton Food Group, Sweden

Shuttle store

Scope of delivery:

The packing facility supplied to Hilton Food Group by Riantics contains a fully automated raw materials shuttle store with a capacity of 350 tons meat – generating 35 pallets inbound and 35 pallets outbound per hour.

The raw materials store works as a buffer store for meat and has replaced the manual handling in the store. When the raw materials enter Hilton Food Groups’ store, weight and bar code information is checked to ensure consistency between the actual contents of crates and the contents recorded in the storage system.

”With their simple shuttle store solution system, Riantics offered the best possible storage logistics systems to us, at the same time as presenting a favourable price for this concept. They also offered a WMS solution capable of communicating with our SAP system, which was essential to us. Riantics was able to show us reference systems at Arla in Vimmerby and Marabou in Stockholm.” 

- Anette Meijer, Project Manager, Hilton Food Group, Sweden

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