Haldor Topsoe, Denmark

Miniload Storage, conveyors and project specific solutions for their new plant in China.

In june 2016 the danish company Haldor Topsoe A/S, who is one of the leading companies in the world within catalysts for the automotive industry, opened a new 90 million dollar catalyst plant in China with state-of-the-art equipment based on experience from the plants in Denmark and the US.

Topsoe produce catalysts in an industrial scale in both Denmark and the US in a process that is highly specialized and delicate. The complicated, chemical processes require a high level of automation.

For a number of years, Riantics has delivered equipment for the internal logistics between these processes both in Denmark and in the US. As a supplier to the plant in China the task has been to optimize the processes in order to automate optimally for 24/7 production.

The solutions have been developed in close cooperation with the Topsoe project division and the suppliers of process equipment. Equipment has been assembled and tested at Riantics prior to dismantling and freight to the site in China where the same assembly team were ready to re-assemble it at the final location.

Scope of delivery:

The equipment is a combination of Riantics' standard products and project-specific solutions.

Standard products are for instance the Miniload Storage for storing products and moulds between the processes as well as other standard products such as conveyors.

Project-specific solutions are for instance a heavy duty storage for oven racks, heavy duty transfer carts and other projectspecific units.

"For the last four years, we have worked together with Riantics on our China project, with Riantics as the supplier of nearly all our conveying systems. We chose Riantics due to their professional approach to the challenge, combined with their great comprehension of our needs, and a fair price for the entire delivery. We have implemented the project in two phases. After a successful implementation of phase 1, the confidence we had built up with Riantics meant that we did not initiate a new round of RFQ's, but gave the order directly to Riantics based on a fixed price. From the very start of our cooperation, Riantics has delivered above our expectations. This has been the case for all phases in the project from order negotiations to technical development, testing of equipment, and delivery – and, not to forget, the outstanding team of Riantics guys travelling to China for almost 6 months to install the equipment".

- Jan Kragh Poulsen, Technical Manager, Product Plant Engineering, Haldor Topsoe, Denmark

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