ASKO, Norway

Stand-alone pallet quality control and sortation system

ASKO NORD, Norway’s largest grocery wholesaler, needed to improve ergonomics by automating the heavy lifting of pallets between 20-25 kilograms.

With the Riantics pallet quality control and sortation system ASKO NORD gained: 

  • Discard of defective pallets
  • Repair of protruding nails
  • Fast, automatic sortation
  • Highly improved ergonomics 

The solution:

Mixed stacks of empty wooden and plastic (NLP) pallets are loaded and automatically destacked, inspected and sorted in the system. The quality control and sortation of pallets in usable and defective pallets are optimized as the human eye cannot scan the entire pallets as well as the system.


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"The pallet inspection and sortation system from Riantics was recommended to us by Remiks (also from Tromsø) who had a similar one installed some years ago. And I must say that it has fulfilled our expectations 100%. It runs steadily and efficiently and is a great ergonomic win for our employees. Next, the quality of the pallets is vital for the entire distribution to run smoothly. A weak, loaded pallet breaking somewhere down the distribution chain can cause a major setback.”

- Johnny Johannessen, Distribution Manager, ASKO NORD AS

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