Measure and weighing station


CYCLE CAPACITYUp to 2500 parcels per hour (depending on set-up)
W: 100 - 800 mm
H: 100 - 800 mm
Tolerance: +/- 10 mm
PARCEL WEIGHT250 g - 60 kg
50 g intervals

Automatic recording of weight, volume and barcode on parcels!

In order to ensure correct invoicing when distributing parcels, more and more freight carriers choose to install a system that automatically measures and weighs inbound goods in the terminal. Riantics has developed an approved system for this purpose, including the collection of data to be applied for invoicing.

The system can be installed as a stand-alone system, but can also be integrated as part of a sorter system, where parcels are distributed to the right routes.

With Riantics' Measure & Weighing Station you get the following:

  • Automatic registration of volume, weight and barcode
  • Short pay-back time due to increased accuracy in invoicing
  • Continuous registration of volume and weight
  • Logging of all measured values and transfer of data to the WMS
  • Collection of parcel history as preparation for future negotiations with customers



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