Measuring of pallets and parcels

Weight and volume checking

This system includes data collection, and many freight carriers have implemented it with the purpose of measuring and monitoring inbound goods, which ensures the correct invoicing of consignments. The system is available as a stand-alone system or as part of an integrated sorter solution, sorting parcels in accordance with their destination.

Pallet scanner
Volume scanning of pallets is experiencing heavy growth. Scanning is an efficient method for freight carriers to check if they get the correct payment for the goods that they handle. This system establishes the volume and weight of consignments and compares this information with the given measurements. Any deviations can therefore be reinvoiced.

A pallet scanner on-the-fly is capable of scanning the volume of pallets placed directly on the floor. The system is located above the pallets and allows for the best possible use of space when scanning.

Measure and weighing station