CAPACITYUp to 140 picks per hour
Up to 12 orders at a time

X-axis: Up to 300 m/min
Y-axis: Up to 90 m/min
Z-axis: Up to 100 m/min

The miniload system

The system handles totes, crates, cases, trays etc. in an automated crane and offers a large variety of retrievers for various purposes.

You get more storage locations per square meter than in most other solutions since the miniload crane has less space requirements than a typical FLT solution.

The Riantics Miniload can easily be extended as required. Concurrently with your company’s growth and the increased demands for storage, the miniload storage solution can be scaled as required.

With the Riantics Miniload system you get the following:

  • Items supplied directly to the operator
  • 4-5 times faster picking
  • Correct picking and thereby the right delivery and service
  • Large savings and short pay-back times
  • A good overview of order status with on-going, automatic counting
  • Reduced manpower need in the storage


Experience our solution for the Norwegian company Fatland including Miniload:

Retrievers for every need

The Riantics Miniload system handles totes, crates, trays, carton boxes etc., large and small at the same time, in the same system.

The Miniload system offers unique flexibility via a diverse variety of retrievers – and should we not have exactly the retriever version in our portfolio that you need, we will simply develop it.

The system is available with single-deep, double-deep or triple-deep retrievers, presenting cases with either short side or long side leading.

Riantics Tote Retriever - double deep
Riantics Tote Retriever - double deep
Riantics Tote Retriever - duplex
Riantics Tote Retriever - duplex
Riantics Multiretriever
Riantics Multiretriever
Riantics Single Multiretriever
Riantics Single Multiretriever
Riantics Stack Retriever
Riantics Stack Retriever
Riantics Universal Retriever
Riantics Universal Retriever



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