Intelligent customized storage solutions

Storage solution products

The storage solutions we offer are specially developed Riantics products with unique features. 

For instance, our miniload crane is equipped with a universal retriever that handles cases and cartons in varying sizes and shapes – directly from ordinary rack shelves.

Riantics supplies and implements two different storage solution products:

Miniload Storage

The miniload system is one of our best solutions for the automation of warehouses. The system handles totes, crates, cases, trays etc. in an automated crane. You get more storage locations per square meter than in most other solutions, since the miniload crane has less space requirements than a typical FLT solution.

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Shuttle storage

A shuttle storage for pallets  provides fast and safe access – around the clock! You obtain more pallet locations per square meter than in most solutions, since the crane does not take up as much space as a typical FLT solution. Furthermore, the manpower requirements are reduced.

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