Intelligent customized sorting solutions


The sorter solutions we offer are specially developed Riantics products with unique features.

These two types of Riantics sorters have each of their advantages – depending on the logistical needs, system layout etc.

Apart from our own sorters we are well experienced in the integration and implementation of other types of sorters – and these are applied if they are better suited for the actual functions, logistical requirements, etc. in your project.

Riantics supplies and implements two different sorter solution products:

Box Sorter

Riantics' Box Sorter has over the years proven its worth as an efficient and reliable solution for the sorting of items with fixed bottoms.

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The Unisorter is especially well suited for the sorting of items with a high diversity, for instance clothes in bags, totes or the like, where shapes and sizes vary from item to item.

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