A wide range of complete palletizing solutions


Our combination of standard equipment and tailor-made concepts solve by far the most tasks within material handling and palletizing.

The programme reaches from robots to palletizing machines and the patented Layer Picker®, available in more versions.

As a natural part of the turn-key concept we also supply equipment related to robot cells, for instance the following:


Riantics offers the depalletizing of broadly all kinds of items picked from source pallets for further palletizing or handling. This is possible via robot handling or mechanical solutions.

Depalletizing can be done as single items or in layers. When handling layers, a solution may also include automated descrambling that separates and aligns the items.

Empty pallet handling 
Riantics offers solutions for the stacking of empty pallets either generated from depalletizing or for use at palletizing. Pallets are stacked in pallet magazines, from where they can be removed in stacks or released one by one.

Pallet quality control and sortation system
Mixed stacks of empty wooden and plastic (NLP) pallets are loaded and automatically destacked, inspected and sorted in the system.

Learn more about the pallet quality control and sortation system


Robotic Solutions