Layer Picker® Solutions


Layer Picker® Solutions combine high-bay storages, conveyors and Warehouse Control System (WCS) with the market leading Layer Picker® technology.

With a Layer Picker® Solution you get:

  • A unique stand-alone application for a flexible and scalable order picking system
  • Mixed pallets in an automated process
  • From 1,000 picks of pallet layers per day
  • Fast and accurate order processing

Automated pallet-to-pallet picking:

  • Manages 98% of all consumer and retail products to be picked
  • Operates in ambient as well as deep freeze environments





Efficiently providing Rainbow and Sandwich pallets

Layer Picker® Solutions is tailored for highly specialized picking processes in the warehouses of global FMCG and 3PL providers.

Customize your individual Layer Picker® Solution:

  • Realize up to 10,000 picks of pallet layers per day.
  • Individually configurated to your needs
  • Standardized modules creating customized solutions





Test your products in the Layer Picker®

Our Layer Pickers are available for product testing in our showroom in Denmark - to verify to you that a Layer Picker® Solution is the right choice.

The higher the variety of packaging types, the better the fit for the Layer Picker®