Layer Picker® Solutions


Layer Picker® Solutions is a unique stand-alone application for an automated, flexible and scalable order picking system. 

Unmatched performance for your warehouse
Tailored for highly specialized picking processes in the warehouses of global FMCG and 3PL providers, revolutionizing the picking processes in your warehouse.

  • Efficient warehouse footprint utilization
  • Faster and accurate order processing
  • A proven and future proof investment  





Efficiently providing Rainbow and Sandwich pallets

Utilize the cost saving benefits of a unique stand-alone application. Improvement of operations, higher throughput – the benefits of a Layer Picker® Solution are many:

With a Layer Picker® Solution you get the following:

  • Layer Picker® Solutions combine high-bay storages, conveyors and Warehouse Control System (WCS) with the market leading Layer Picker® technology.
  • Provide you with mixed pallets in an automated, software-driven process.
  • Automatically pick layers for Rainbow and Sandwich formats, replacing the need for manual full layer picking.
  • Realize up to 10,000 picks of pallet layers per day.
  • Operates in temperatures ranging between -28°C/18,4°F and +40°C/104°F.
  • Handle almost every product in your warehouse.
  • Individually configurated to your needs: standardized modules creating customized solutions.
  • Proprietary WCS-software to be integrated into any warehouse software environment – plug-and-play.