World class palletizing and de-palletizing

Layer Picking

The Riantics Layer Picker® is the industry standard for de-palletizing and pallet-to-pallet picking.

  • It automatically picks layers for de-palletizing as well as Rainbow and Sandwich pallets, replacing the need for manual layer picking.
  • It lifts up to 98 percent of all product types in food retail with the same layer picker head.
  • It operates in temperatures ranging between -28°C and + 40°C / -18°F to +104°F.

Unmatched performance for your warehouse

The Layer Picker® lifts up to 98 percent of all product types in food retail
The Riantics Layer Picker® picks single or several layers at a time and also layers with voids including open trays and cases with loose lids.

A proven solution
The Layer Picker® has become the industry standard. We have until now installed more than 500 Layer Picker® machines in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and Brazil.

It has an unmatched, proven technology with a unique, patented combination of suction and clamping.

Alone or integrated
The Layer Picker® is adaptable in most environments and integrates either in an existing system or performs tasks by its own control system as a “Layer Picker® Solution”.

The Layer Picker® programme includes:

Layer Picker Flex-R 2.0

The Riantics Layer Picker® Flex is fast and flexible. It can be used for both picking for replenishment, de-palletizing and pallet to pallet picking at the same time.  

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Layer Picker Gantry

The Layer Picker® Gantry is primarily applicable for pallet to pallet handling. It allows for a large number of items to be available for picking at the same time.

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Layer Picker Hoist

The Riantics Layer Picker® Hoist is a solution with pallet hoist for the lifting of pallets to the Layer Picker® head. It provides a stable operation and a simple picking function.

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Box Tilt

With the Riantics Box Tilt and Box Turner it is possible to fully decide the orientation on each carton leaving the descrambling line in order for the products to match the further handling.

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Box Turner

Riantics' Box Turner ensures a precise and reliable rotation of items with flat bottoms at high speed.

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The Riantics Descrambler is constructed with 3 individual driven modular belts to ensure high speed while safely ensuring the separation of the goods.

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Stripper Unit

The Riantics Stripper Unit provides a fast and safe removal of slip-sheets from under complete layers.

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Tray Loading System

Riantics' Tray Loading System has a high capacity and is capable of handling different trays and patterns.

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