Tote handling


LOADSMaximum 100 kg/m
DIMENSIONSDepend on solution and products
CAPACITIESDepend on solution and products
CONTROLWith or without  frequency control

Solutions for the handling of totes and cartons throughout the logistics chain

We offer solutions for the handling of totes and cartons from goods receipt via warehousing to picking and despatch. 

Our self-produced solutions are based on proven standard modules adjusted to each customer’s specific requirements and if needed supplemented with various specially developed solutions.

Special equipment
We have developed special equipment for a number of functional areas, i.e. telescopic conveyors, systems for weight and volume checking, sorter systems, etc.

Based on standard products
No matter the type of tote, carton, case or box that we handle, we develop systems based on reliable standard products: Roller conveyors, belt conveyors, vertical conveyors / lifts, box turners, turntables, etc.

With Riantics' case handling systems you get the following:

  • System solutions with for instance:
    - Roller conveyors and belt conveyors
    - High- and low-capacity elevators
    - Stackers and destackers
    - Box turners
    - Labelling equipment
  • Industrial quality with high operational availability



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Sales Manager - System Integration
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