Product elevators


MAXIMUM CAPACITY1500 totes per hour
SPEEDUp to 30 m/min

Riantics Product Elevators - if you need to move items efficiently from one level to another.

Riantics offers a wide range of Product Elevators, for instance Escaveyors and Paternoster Hoist.

A constant flow gives a constant and high capacity - Riantics' Product Elevators are especially intended for the vertical conveyance of a constant flow of totes.

A non-stop flow is obtained even with large differences in levels. 

With the Riantics Product Elevators you get the following:

  • High capacity
  • Low-noise solution
  • Space-saving solution
  • A solution that is flexible as regards both height and tote sizes
  • Maintenance at a minimum


See the Product Elevator in action - click to watch video (0:20)



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