Pick stations


CAPACITIESDepending on solution and products
DIMENSIONSDepending on solution and products
PICKING ACCURACYDisplay & scanners

Riantics' Pick Station is an important part of an efficient set-up

Riantics has many years of experience with the design and creation of solutions with efficient pick stations, which cater to ergonomics and faultless picking.

The solutions include for instance goods-to-man, man-to-goods, pick-to-light and pick-to-voice.

With Riantics' Pick Station you get the following:

  • An ergonomically correct solution
  • High efficiency
  • Maximum accuracy and therefore fault handling at a minimum
  • Pick-to-light / Pick-to-voice
  • Goods-to-man / Man-to-goods

Case story

"Riantics' system is unique in its combination of the picking and handling of complete parcels. Furthermore, we have worked together with Riantics over the last eight years, and they have always been able to fulfil our expectations, both as regards deadlines, financial framework, and engineering skills”. 

-Audun Johnsen, Logistics Manager, Wittusen & Jensen, Norway

Wittusen & Jensen - case story

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