Meet Riantics at the Global Cold Chain Expo in Chicago

When the Global Cold Chain Expo opens its doors in Chicago on 10-12 June, you will meet Riantics at Booth 26020.


We will show you examples of complete solutions for Deep Freeze – an area where automation is gaining rapid pace.

In the US, the manpower shortage is making a negative impact on growth, and the same prospects apply in Europe.

The recruiting of staff for a frozen warehouse with temperatures ranging down to minus 28 degrees Celsius, and adding varying working hours, is sometimes a nearly impossible task. Short, interrupted working sequences and a substantial sickness absence cause an unstable and poor production flow. The conditions in a frozen warehouse are rather severe to the human body, and therefore this is an area where automation is gaining ground.

The Riantics Layer Pickers are already put to work in installations in frozen warehouses around the world. They are available in various versions, for instance the traditional Gantry, and as a novelty also as the highly space-saving Mono Gantry.

The Riantics Layer Pickers are among the few in the market that are fit for installation in temperatures down to minus 28 degrees Celsius. Also in these environments, they uphold a high and steady cadence, and the advanced vacuum technology allows the lifting of up to 98 per cent of all imaginable products.

The patented suction sole lifts also incomplete layers using vacuum, and this provides an extremely gentle handling of products. It means that even very fragile and display-ready products can be lifted without leaving marks. The Layer Picker handles cardboard boxes, PET bottles, plastic totes, layers with and without slip-sheets, empty pallets and many other items using the same gripper tool.

A Layer Picker cell is designed according to your needs and physical settings. Inside the cell, you can both depalletize, palletize and build rainbow pallets.

Learn more about this revolutionary set-up at the Global Cold Chain Expo 2019.

Present at the booth will be two of our experts, who are specialized in the scaling and design of efficient solutions for the Deep Freeze industry:

Michael V. Jensen

Director of Product Solutions
+45 2949 0131

Carsten Tang Sørensen
Area Sales Manager - Product Solutions
+45 2173 0785


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