Swedish beverage company triples their storage capacity with automated solution

Riantics is to supply a fully automated first-in-first-out storage solution for Kiviks Musteri AB.

Kiviks Musteri AB that has for five generations been located near Kivik in south-eastern Sweden has chosen an automated storage solution from Riantics in connection with a substantial upgrade of the pallet handling system in their beverage company.

The choice fell on a compact storage solution to obtain optimized space utilization, supplied and implemented by Riantics in cooperation with the Swedish company BITO Lagersystem.

"In the existing set-up of the facilities, only the floor is applied for storage capacity. This obviously entails certain limitations to the handling of pallets, and therefore Kiviks Musteri has chosen a solution from Riantics that stores pallets in height and holds 575 pallet locations”, says Area Sales Manager Thomas Rømer, Riantics A/S.

This new set-up will provide Kiviks Musteri, which was established in 1888, with approximately a tripling of the storage capacity. 

The solution includes a FIFO (First-In-First-Out) storage that handles pre-packed pallets arriving directly from the production. Pallets proceed on one of two lines in the Riantics conveying system onto the fully automated pallet crane that places each pallet in the right location within the FIFO storage.

The task will expectedly be finalized during the first quarter of 2020.