Important order for Riantics from one of the world’s largest manufacturers of FMCG

Riantics recently closed a multi-million (Euro) order for a US customer - one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

Two preceding, smaller projects for the same customer, which are under installation in the UK and in France, served as qualification for this new, strategically important order.

The order is ground-breaking, since it launches the customer’s plans for future investments in Riantics automation solutions in the US.

It is a stand-alone solution based on Riantics’ Layer Picker, including a pallet conveying system and fully automated pallet cranes for the storing of product pallets. This solution remarkably optimizes the customer’s productivity and goods flow and is scaled for future growth in a business experiencing substantial success. 

This order from a US giant is a very important milestone for Riantics, and it clearly shows the value and the strength of being part of the Körber Group. CEO Hans-Henrik Jensen explains:

“We came from a position as market leaders within layer picking due to our patented system. But the close dialogue with Körber Logistics Systems and its Business Units and knowledge hubs have proven to be the petrol for the motor driving Riantics to be part of the very top league. This latest order from the US is an excellent example of a customer who definitely does not only consider the solution they order, but also appreciates our support base and the possibilities we will be able to offer in the long term. When partnering with the Körber Group, you obtain state-of-the-art solutions and the newest, digital know-how; everything that is the essence of Industry 4.0"


*FMCG, covering non-durable goods from packaged foods to shampoo, toothpaste, etc.