Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark visited Riantics

HM The Queen’s visit at Riantics on June 15 was a memorable day: A day with sunshine, joy and happy spirits of the hundreds of spectators who gave a warm-hearted welcome to The Queen at her very first visit to Arden.

Her Majesty was welcomed by the host during the visit to Riantics, Mr Stephan Seifert, Chairman of the Executive Board of Körber AG, who gave a short introduction to Körber AG and Riantics.

Michael V. Jensen, Director of Product Solutions, had the honour of introducing Her Majesty to the Layer Picker®, an automation solution supplied by Riantics and applied in warehouse facilities around the world for processes related to palletizing and depalletizing.

The history of the Layer Picker® started in Arden back in the 1990s, when the company was asked to find a solution for the lifting of cases containing bottles of Chivas Regal whisky – arriving on pallets with voids in the layers of bottles! Today, Riantics’ solution to this problem, the Layer Picker®, is operating in 381 installations around the world.

The gift to HM The Queen of Denmark:

During her visit to Riantics, HM The Queen was presented with an illustration created especially for this event: The illustration includes references to the presentation of the Layer Picker®, which lifts tonnes of convenience goods and beverages and places them on pallets for the world’s largest retail- and convenience goods chains and distribution centres.

One Layer Picker® lifts 27 tonnes per hour, 432 tonnes per day, and 130,000 tonnes per year – which on an annual basis corresponds to lifting The Royal Yacht Dannebrog as much as 105 times.

The patented suction mechanism of the Layer Picker® includes 282 ping pong balls for the creation of vacuum, which is what makes the Layer Picker® unique. A brilliant invention initiated by Torben Christensen, a tractor mechanic, ideas person, and the very first employee of the former Univeyor, and his employees in the late 1990s.

The illustration is created by Martin Bowyer, who has also illustrated and visualized the entire history of the Layer Picker® and its development until today, which was presented to HM The Queen of Denmark.