Riantics A/S - subsupplier and solutionpartner to systemintegrators

Riantics offers solutions and products for system integrators as a competent and loyal subsupplier, with some of the most intelligent logistics solutions available on the market.

We act as sparring partners on all levels, whether the need is for single products or material handling solutions based on Riantics' core products.  

We develop new products and solutions in cooperation with system integrators and their customers as needed. Our core product, the Layer Picker®, is market leading, and we are always working on supplementary products that ensure the best possible handling of broadly all products handled in layers.  

The system integrator industry is characterized by keen competition. There are many major suppliers on the market, and heavy demands are made on their knowledge about each sector based on issues such as safety, responsibility, ergonomics, knowledge about legal requirements etc.  

It’s all about lowering the costs per unit handled – and the primary driver is savings on manual handling and continuity.  

Riantics assists system integrators in creating the right solution for their customers – we have years of experience in acting as a solution partner. We know what is going on on each of the markets and in each of the industries – also as regards legislation, and we are happy to arrange reference visits to existing systems.

For system integrators we offer logistics solutions for automated material handling based on the following units: 


You are always welcome to contact us for further information.