Intelligent logistics solutions for the manufacturing industry

Automation and optimization in the production
Manufacturing facilities often include functions that have not been automated or optimized with regard to capacity, expenses, floorage, ergonomics etc. There are a number of potential explanations for this, for instance technical challenges or operations that may not be interrupted.

Nevertheless, Riantics is accustomed to the challenges arising in manufacturing plants. We have helped – and continue to help – a number of large and medium-sized manufacturers optimizing their production through automation.

Custom-designed standard equipment
Our approach is ”custom-designed standard equipment”, meaning that we use one of our well-known products or systems – and adapt it to the customer’s actual needs. The result is a solution fitted especially to the task in question, but retaining the qualities of a ”proven solution”.

The manufacturing may include everything from toys to foods, and Riantics supplies solutions to most lines of business. We have supplied equipment to manufacturing companies such as LEGO and Haldor Topsøe.

For automation in manufacturing facilities, we recommend logistics systems and material handling solutions based on the following units:

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