Intelligent solutions for the food industry and distributors of food

Food (and the distribution of food) is a competitive industry. There is a need for efficient and flexible production machinery, including intelligent logistics solutions based on the newest technology, which is capable of yielding the required capacity outputs.

Important factors in the production or distribution of food are low unit costs and flexibility, combined with high consistency of supply and product traceability.

Riantics is well experienced in fully automated logistics systems for internal conveyance, material handling, packing, palletizing, storing and order processing.

Our systems are equipped with state-of-the-art robot technology, automation and machine and software design. If requested by the customer, we supply WCS/WMS software for the management of our storage solutions and for communication with superior ERP systems.

For the Food industry and distributors of food we recommend logistics systems and solutions based on the following units:

Pallet conveyance

Our product portfolio includes for instance roller conveyors, chain conveyors, slat conveyors, and belt conveyors - stationary or on shuttle cars. Add to this pallet hoists, pallet magazines and pallet check stations with reject of defect pallets.

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Tote Handling

We offer solutions for the handling of totes and cartons throughout the logistics chain – from goods receipt via warehousing to picking and despatch.

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Robot palletizing and depalletizing

We offer a wide range of complete palletizing solutions, and by means of standard or customer-adapted concepts we solve by far the most tasks within material handling and palletizing. The programme reaches from robots to palletizing machines and our patented  Layer Picker®.

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Layer Picking

The Riantics Layer Picker® lifts up to 98 percent of all product types – with the possibility of lifting several layers at a time and lifting single items as well as layers with voids. This principle allows the Riantics Layer Picker® to pick basically any type of product with a flat bottom, including trays and cases with telescopic lids.

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Shuttle storage

A shuttle storage for pallets  provides fast and safe access – around the clock! You obtain more pallet locations per square meter than in most solutions, since the crane does not take up as much space as a typical FLT solution. Furthermore, the manpower requirements are reduced.

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Miniload Storage

The miniload system is one of our best solutions for the automation of warehouses. The system handles totes, crates, cases, trays etc. in an automated crane. You get more storage locations per square meter than in most other solutions, since the miniload crane has less space requirements than a typical FLT solution.

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We also supply end-of-line equipment and labelling, and are well experienced in handling special cases, i.e. SRS cases.

You are always welcome to contact us for further information.