Intelligent logistics solutions for the e-commerce industry

Important factors for the e-commerce industry are low unit handling costs combined with the need to reduce the “walking distance” for operators at workstations. Furthermore, ergonomics are in focus, and the manual lifting and transportation need to be reduced to a minimum.

The consolidation of large items from stock with for instance accessories from an automated store is often a challenge that needs to be handled.

Riantics is well experienced in fully automated order picking systems designed with ergonomics as a priority, which supply components directly to packing lines for repacking in cases or to order picking and onwards to distribution.

We handle the storage-related tasks and establish the ergonomically best workflow.

Let us help you tailor a logistics solution especially for you, ensuring the required capacity, the best ergonomics as well as the required quality for future growth. 

For e-commerce (non-food) we recommend logistics systems and solutions based on the following units:

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