1980 Univeyor was established by Peter Iversen, Kristian Dohn and Ib Jensen.
1985A new production area was added.
1993 New production facilities and an additional office building were established.
1994A sales- and aftersales office was established in Leicester, United Kingdom
1999 Univeyor was acquired by Columbus McKinnon Corporation.
2008 IAG acquired Univeyor.
2008 Odin Equity Partners (now BWB Partners) acquired Univeyor.
2008 Univeyor acquired Jokan’s service activities and the rights to the Jokan brand.
2010 Univeyor merged with Nordplan and was named Qubiqa.
2010 BWB Partners purchased Seelen, and the Qubiqa Group was established


2006Nordplan (Storage) was acquired.
2008Univeyor, Quality Logistics Systems (QLS) and part of Jokan (Logistics) were acquired.
2009 Nordplan (Storage) merged with QLS (Logistics).
2010The shares of Seelen A/S (Automation) were obtained.
2011 Seelen’s CEO, Axel Manøe Jepsen, was appointed CEO of the Qubiqa Group
2013 Qubiqa Storage Solutions merged with the Bruynzeel division in the Constructor Group.
2016 Qubiqa Logistics in Arden was acquired by Körber AG, Germany, and became
part of Körber Logistics.


Qubiqa A/S changed the company name to Riantics A/S.
2017 Hans-Henrik Jensen was appointed CEO.
2020 Riantics A/S changed the company name to Körber Supply Chain DK A/S.