Tray Loading System


CYCLE CAPACITYUp to 2100 trays per hour, irrespecive of tray size
ITEM WEIGHT250 g - 30 kg/tray
W: 120 - 400 mm
H: 60 - 490 mm
TRAY SIZE400 x 300, 400 x 600 mm
SPACE REQUIREMENTS6500 x 5500 mm, depending on set-up
CONTROL INTERFACEStand-alone PLC or Integrated into existing board or control system

Tray loading made simple!

Riantics' Tray Loading System has a high capacity and is capable of handling different trays and patterns.

A customer-adapted set-up for each installation makes the Tray Loader easy to install in essentially any system.

The Tray Loading System handles two different tray sizes, with a high capacity and throughput.

After correct orientation of items, a pusher ensures that items are placed on the correct location, and the tray loading takes place on the fly.

The items can be placed either one by one, in parallel or in series on the tray, with an accuracy of 10 mm.

With the Riantics Tray Loading System you get the following:

  • High throughput
  • Up to 2100 trays per hour
  • A system that can be integrated into broadly any set-up
  • High utilization of trays
  • A customer-adapted solution



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