Layer Picker® Hoist


CYCLE CAPACITYUp to 170 cycles per hour (depending on set-up)
ITEM SIZE (LWH)Minimum 150 x 150 x 50 mm
Maximum 800 x 600 x 400 mm
LIFTING CAPACITYUp to 450 kg/layer
WEIGHTVaries in different set-ups; typical installation: 7500 kg
PALLET POSITIONS1, if set up for descrambling
2, if set upfor pallet-to-pallet

The Layer Picker® Hoist solution applies a pallet hoist for the lifting of pallets

The Riantics Layer Picker® Hoist solution is a thoroughly tested solution with pallet hoist for the lifting of pallets to the Layer Picker® head. This solution is applicable either with descrambling alone and/or with an integrated pallet-to-pallet solution.

The Layer Picker® Hoist gives a very stable operation and a simple picking function in broadly all environments.

The Layer Picker® Hoist is available in two different versions:

  • Pallet-to-descrambling
  • Pallet-to-pallet

This increases the flexibility substantially when it comes to the picking of layers of items.

Even in cold environments
As regards layer picking of items in chilled and cold stores, the Layer Picker® Hoist is unrivalled, since it works in temperature ranges from -28°C to +40°C / -17°F to +104°F.

With the Riantics Layer Picker® Hoist you get the following:

  • Layer picking made simple
  • Pallet-to-pallet
  • High reliability
  • The handling of more than 600 tons per shift
  • Well-proven and patented technology
  • High operational availability
  • A solution tailored to customer demands
  • An extensive range of products can be picked



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