Corporate values

Riantics' values, working culture and code of conduct


Customer Satisfaction 
We add value for our customers and partners by inspiring as industry experts. We are a solid, dependable partner who supplies innovative, cutting-edge solutions and highly tailored services worldwide with and for our customers.

We create innovations by putting our experience, expertise and creativity to work for our customers. We defend our technological leadership through tireless innovation and the improvement of our products, services and business processes.

Connecting People and Knowledge
We connect people and ideas by recognizing and leveraging the full breadth of our know-how and experience. We encourage everyone within our company to share ideas and experiences in order to apply all our knowledge to developing efficient, best-practice solutions.

We take responsibility by putting our corporate values at the heart of everything we do. We keep our promises and act reliably towards employees, partners and customers. Our success depends on close, long-term relationships with our employees and business partners.

Focus on the Future
We strive for sustained and profitable growth by viewing long-term success and financial independence as a motivating challenge. Together, we develop profitable, sustainable solutions. We count on our employees and support everything they do with modern, attractive work conditions.


At Riantics we take pride in being the best at what we do.

Working for Riantics is both challenging and inspiring. We are energetic and result-oriented, and we pursue our goals. But there is also room for fun, and we encourage our employees to find a healthy work-life balance.

At Riantics we give our employees a large responsibility and a reason to be proud of the company and our products.


Our conduct must always be in accord with our values and principles, as well as legal regulations and social standards. This applies to all countries in which we are active.

The Körber Group has adopted a code of conduct that is binding for all employees and board members. More information is available on the Körber-Website